A “Little House” that feels like home

La Casina (“little house”) welcomes you to a place of natural beauty, immersed in a lush landscape just a short walk away from a magnificent chestnut grove. Our restaurant features both indoor dining spaces with barrel vaults and an outdoor terrace where you can sit in the shade of the vineyard, surrounded by the breathtaking colours of nature.

The kitchen is my creative space. My name is Giada, and I am a chef with a passion for good cooking.

Starting from a deep knowledge of the Trentino cuisine, I reinterpret our traditions without betraying them.

Since I was a kid, I have developed a passion for the culinary art of our territory. I am always looking for high-quality, farm-to-table raw ingredients coming from local small businesses, and I like experimenting with new food pairings in keeping with seasonal products and sustainability. From a very young age I started preparing delicious dishes at La Casina in Drena, working elbow-to-elbow with my mother and learning the secrets of the unique Trentino cuisine from her. Over the years I have enjoyed finding new combinations and today I am delighted to offer our guests modern versions of traditional local dishes that showcase taste, research and simplicity.

I have always valued the traditional Trentino cuisine and my aim is to discover and reinterpret it in my own way, using high-quality farm-to-table ingredients coming from local businesses or from producers we know and trust.

Our tasty menus include only the finest, freshest ingredients


Overlooking strawberry fields and surrounded by century-old chestnut groves, our restaurant will give you a warm welcome and capture your imagination. La Casina in Drena is immersed in a natural landscape and offers a stunning view of the valley below. With fine weather, it is possible to dine on the outdoor terrace, sitting under the pergola. This is the meaning of “Casina” for us. We care deeply for the environment and our everyday choices embody our commitment to the planet: we favour local, farm-to-table ingredients, avoid plastic and useless packaging, and use micro-filtered water.

The ideas for our dishes arise from the encounters we have with the people living in our territory and from our enthusiasm for constant experimentation.