At La Casina you can enjoy tasty local dishes prepared with love.

Delicious cuisine in a spectacular setting

La Casina is located in a place of natural beauty, immersed in a lush landscape just a short walk away from a magnificent chestnut grove and overlooking the valley dominated by the Drena Castle. We offer both indoor dining spaces with picturesque barrel vaults and an outdoor terrace where you can sit in the shade of the vineyard, surrounded by the breathtaking colours of nature. You will also find a grassy area for children to play.

Cool and shady during hot summer days, warm and welcoming when snow covers the landscape, at La Casina every season is perfect to savour fresh produce and tasty dishes prepared with love, thanks to our endless quest for raw ingredients that come as much as possible from local sources.

Sperimentazione e novità al Ristorante la Casina

Creativity, experimentation and knowledge sharing

Chef Giada and La Casina staff: a great team

Since I was a kid, I have developed a passion for the culinary art of our territory. I am always looking for high-quality, farm-to-table raw ingredients coming from local small businesses, and I like experimenting with new food pairings in keeping with seasonal products and sustainability. Over the years I have enjoyed finding new combinations and today I am delighted to offer our guests modern versions of traditional Trentino dishes that showcase taste, research and simplicity.

I am certainly not alone. Today I am supported by a team of closely-knit staff members, most of them young women, allowing me to experiment, create and offer dishes that express all our passion. We love conveying our warmth and enthusiasm to give you a mouth-watering experience complemented with informal, dynamic and careful service. At La Casina in Drena we have always valued the traditional Trentino cuisine. Our aim is to delve into it and reinterpret its recipes in our own way: with high-quality farm-to-table ingredients coming from producers we know and trust.

Dettaglio ristorante la Casina

Our mission is to give you a satisfying experience, with an immersion in nature and flavours.