My name is Giada and I am the chef at La Casina in Drena: a genuine passion for cooking and local raw ingredients.

Research, knowledge and experimentation

I have always valued the traditional Trentino cuisine and my aim is to discover and reinterpret it in my own way, using high-quality farm-to-table ingredients coming from local businesses or from producers we know and trust. The menus we offer and our dishes with a sense of place are the expression of creativity and dedication, favoured by the constant support of my team.

Traditional recipes can be reinterpreted only with a detailed knowledge of the preparation process. That’s why our menu features both historical dishes and respectful variations, aimed at making the most of products and food combinations. "La Casina" in Drena is a Trentino restaurant with a twist, where traditional flavours find new energy thanks to a young, professional and dedicated staff.

A natural passion for cooking and products

My name is Giada and I am a 31-year-old chef. The kitchen has always been the place where I feel at ease. At La Casina in Drena I can express my passion in my own kitchen, a childhood dream come true.

From a very young age I started preparing delicacies at La Casina in Drena, working elbow-to-elbow with my mom, who taught me all the tips and tricks of the unique Trentino cuisine. Later on I developed and tried new combinations and today I am delighted to offer our guests traditional local dishes, reinterpreted in tasty versions.